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Sandra Harding had her time in the limelight; now it’s Andrew Ross’ turn. Fair’s fair. All children are talented, all children are special, all have something to say, we must listen politely to all of them and not make some feel bad and excluded and marginalized and of low worth by ignoring them. Nor must we throw the little bastards out of school merely because they threatened or assaulted a teacher, unless a gun or a knife was used. Once again, fair’s fair. Exclusion damages the academic performance of people who are excluded (except when it doesn’t), therefore it is important to avoid exclusion except in the most extreme of cases. A child who shoots up the classroom with an … Read the rest

Inclusion for Gunless First Offense Risky *

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What teachers are expected to put up with in the name of inclusion…… Read the rest

Higher Pay for Teaching While Black? *

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Should first offence be free unless a gun or knife is involved?… Read the rest

Utopia, Freedom, the State, 4th and final part *

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Marxism and the central values and intellectual resources of liberalism.… Read the rest

Human Development and Capability Association *

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Launched September 6.… Read the rest

Is Islam Reforming? *

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Only within limits set by mullahs. But that’s a start.… Read the rest

No, Black Gays are not Happy With Murder Music *

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Black Gay Men’s Advisory Group has launched Declaration Against Homophobia in Music.… Read the rest

Gangsta Culture Not All That Educational *

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‘Street culture will become a deadly virus robbing millions of their potential’… Read the rest

This Should Be the Last Straw for Anyone

Sep 13th, 2004 | By Maryam Namazie

Maryam Namazie: Let’s talk about the horrendous and tragic situation in Beslan. We know that over 1,000 people were held hostage. Over 300 were killed. 150 plus of those so far are children. It is an immense human tragedy. Are there any words that can describe what’s happened there?

Bahram Soroush: It is extremely difficult to come up with the right words to describe this tragedy. It is on a horrendous scale; of an unbelievable magnitude. It is very hard to try to put yourself in the place of those parents who lost their loved ones. I don’t myself remember having witnessed a terrorist action where children were taken hostage on such a scale and used as a bargaining chip. … Read the rest

Response to Atheist in Florida *

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There are others, but they keep their heads down. Maybe if we all kept our heads up…?… Read the rest

Atheist in Florida *

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Frightening but true.… Read the rest


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I’ve been updating the Dictionary a little – for the first time in more than a year. We decided a long time ago to stop adding to it because of the book, and it was almost a year ago that we decided it was time to get serious about the book – but we may have stopped adding to it many months before that, even, because we thought of the book long before we decided to get serious about it. I don’t remember. I don’t remember if we went on adding to the Dictionary for several months, or if we stopped only a couple of months after we started. Probably the latter.

So anyway. We had a lot of … Read the rest


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Terrible about Samira Bellil. A difficult life and then an early and very nasty death – thanks a lot. What godawful luck some people have. I know; no kidding; but it’s worth pointing out anyway. It’s worth registering these futile protests that don’t go anywhere. Worth shaking our puny fists at the sky.

I happened on this article in Dar al Hayat, and it seems relevant, to the issues that Bellil raised and those we’ve been discussing lately. They’re all the same issues at bottom.

In this framework, there are two forms of enmity against Islamists. The first is the annoyance of the wide spreading Islamic thought in comparison with other trends, to the extent that people wish to

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‘Sorry, that question is too essentialist.’ *

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Irfan Khawaja says ‘essentialist’ claims about Islam should not be discouraged.… Read the rest

Guardian on Samira Bellil *

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‘Ni Putes Ni Soumises’ says Bellil fought against barbarous machoism and violence.… Read the rest

Samira Bellil 1973-2004 *

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Her memoir of gang-rape helped movement fighting for rights of Muslim women and girls.… Read the rest

Al-Muhajiroun and its ‘Spiritual Leader’ *

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There are two types of terrorism: the type praised by the almighty Allah and the type dispraised.… Read the rest

Utopia, Freedom, the State, part 3 *

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Attention to impulses there are in human beings to seize advantage over others.… Read the rest

Scott McLemee’s ‘Zizek Watch’ Online At Last *

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Fisting, Zapatistas, Hegel’s concept of the beautiful soul, surfboarding, all in one essay.… Read the rest

Not Extremists, Activists, Protestors; Terrorists *

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Campaigns of violence and intimidation to liberate guinea pigs.… Read the rest