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Sex, Violence and Philosophy [audio] *

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Three would-be hipsters discuss.… Read the rest

Describing Jihadist Terrorism as Reactive is Wrong *

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Islamism is a real ideology; it is fatuous and counterproductive to claim otherwise. … Read the rest

Words 2

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Another tendentious word, while we’re on the subject – another one that we’ve been hearing a lot lately (and hear a lot all the time anyway).


Yeah, so, what’s wrong with that? Well, it depends. It can be benign enough, if and when everything is going well. Except that condition never seems to apply, does it. And when things are not going well, community can decidedly cut the other way. Community works to exclude as well as include, as many people have pointed out; it fosters dislike or hatred of non-members as well as loyalty to and solidarity with members; and it can isolate. Trevor Phillips on yesterday’s The World Tonight talked about the way the multicultural emphasis on … Read the rest

Not Islamophobia but Paranoia *

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David Goodhart on the rhetoric of grievance.… Read the rest

Simone de Beauvoir the Bono of Post-WW II Paris *

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She and Sartre-Geldof acted as triggers of public and political conscience.… Read the rest

The Ancient Quest for Emotional Integrity *

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Kierkegaard and the place of emotion in philosophy.… Read the rest

Prayer ‘No Aid to Heart Patients’ *

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There’s a surprise…… Read the rest

Sassy? Rocking the Boat? Is This a Game? *

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London was punished because ‘the pond that divides Britain and America is a shallow one.’… Read the rest


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There’s been a lot of discussion of the BBC’s policy on the use of the t-word. But that’s not the only tendentious word around. I was reading this article earlier today and I noticed another one.

Around this time, he was sent to Pakistan to visit relatives. He also went on the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, grew a beard and began to wear robes. Despite becoming devoutly religious, he was arrested for shoplifting during 2004.

Can you tell what word I have in mind? I bet you can. I saw it in other articles too – it’s quite popular. ‘Devout.’

Devout. Hmm. That is one word for it, of course, but others come to mind. ‘Devout’ is not a neutral … Read the rest

Phil Mole Reviews Dictionary of Fash Nonsense *

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Says it’s not too bad.… Read the rest

Cass Sunstein on the Problem With Predictability *

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In hard cases before Supreme Court, total predictability compromises judicial independence. … Read the rest

Marx Wins Despite Boils *

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Hume trails despite backing of Economist.… Read the rest

Whither Multiculturalism? *

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It’s meant to bring people together, but critics say it drives them apart. … Read the rest

Kenan Malik: Different Drugs for Different Races? *

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NEJM says race is biologically meaningless, some doctors disagree.… Read the rest

Hitchens on Srebrenica *

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What must it be like to die like that, gutted like a sheep in full view of the ‘international community’?… Read the rest


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Norm on apologists.

Imagine a thought experiment, he gently urges.

On account of the present situation in Zimbabwe, the government decides to halt all scheduled deportations of Zimbabweans who have been denied the right to remain in the UK. Some BNP thugs are made angry by this decision and they take out their anger by beating up a passer-by who happens to be an African immigrant. Can you imagine a single person of left or liberal outlook who would blame, or even partially blame, this act of violence on the government’s decision to halt the deportations, or who would urge us to consider sympathetically the root causes of the act? It wouldn’t happen, even though (ex hypothesi) the

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Socially Acceptable

Jul 13th, 2005 8:41 pm | By

God almighty. There’s just no end to it. Hell and damnation.

A BBC reporter went to Angola to look into links between witchcraft, poverty and the spread of churches that mix ‘traditional African beliefs and evangelical Christianity.’

Stepping inside Mr Kitoko’s “clinic” was like entering Bedlam. Many of the so-called patients were chained to the walls and floor. A boy of 15 had been shackled here since January…In a darkened room, six men were chained to the walls and floor. A fight broke out over food. One man tried to stab another with a shard of glass.

And it gets much, much worse.

Lying on the floor of the main hall was the limp, bloated body of an eight-year-old boy.

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A Chomsky Lecture Channeled by Monty Python *

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‘The Power of Nightmares’ is flawed but interesting, and aimed at adults.… Read the rest

Children Accused of Witchcraft in Angola *

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‘Patients’ chained to walls, boy ‘treated’ to death.… Read the rest

Labor Laws? What Labor Laws? *

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Janitors work unpaid overtime, threatened with firing if they object.… Read the rest