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Steve Fuller

Oct 31st, 2009 | By

Steve Fuller is a prolific sociologist of science, of the social constructionist school. He testified in the Kitzmiller trial in Dover, Pennsylvania in October 2005, as an expert witness for the defense. Amusingly enough, the judge cited his testimony in finding for the plaintiffs; his expert testimony turned out to be something of an own goal.

Professor Steven William Fuller testified that it is ID’s
project to change the ground rules of science to include the supernatural…This definition was described by many witnesses for both parties, notably including defense experts Minnich and Fuller, as “special creation” of
kinds of animals, an inherently religious and creationist concept…Moreover and as previously stated, there is
hardly better evidence of ID’s relationship with creationism

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How It Should Be Done *

Oct 31st, 2009 | Filed by

It’s about framing, and communication, but with reasons, and examples, and more reasons.… Read the rest

No Tight Jeans for Women in Aceh *

Oct 31st, 2009 | Filed by

‘If there are parties who disagree, don’t be angry with me. Be angry with God as I’m only carrying out a religious obligation.’… Read the rest

David Nutt on the Cannabis Conundrum *

Oct 31st, 2009 | Filed by

The process of determining drug classification has become complex and highly politicised.… Read the rest

Marching Against al-Muhajiroun *

Oct 31st, 2009 | Filed by

We are turning out to defend the virtues of a secular democracy that Islam4UK despises.… Read the rest

Jesus and Mo Dress up for Halloween *

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Spooooky.… Read the rest

Return of Steve Fuller

Oct 30th, 2009 4:47 pm | By

Perhaps you saw the unpleasant spectacle of Steve Fuller being more disgusting than one would have thought possible.

Norman Levitt has died…I imagine that Levitt as someone of great unfulfilled promise — mathematicians typically fulfil their promise much earlier than other academics – who then decided that he would defend the scientific establishment from those who questioned its legitimacy. Why? Well, one reason would be to render his own sense of failure intelligible…And yes, what I am offering is an ad hominem argument, but ad hominem arguments are fallacies only when they are used indiscriminately. In this case, it helps to explain – and perhaps even excuse – Levitt’s evolution into a minor science fascist…I believe that Levitt’s ultimate

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I taught them everything they know

Oct 30th, 2009 3:50 pm | By

Chris Mooney explains that journalists often get things wrong.

Why is Richard Dawkins, promoting his new evolution book, regularly being asked about his atheism, and why he is “strident,” “polarizing,” etc? Is it the media’s fault–or is it Dawkins’? I would actually say a bit of both.

Journalists can be quite irresponsible, and even when they’re not outright irresponsible, they love to be provocative and to stir up conflict. To them, Dawkins is “Mr. Big Atheist,” and thus instinctively seen as a polarizing figure. Many radio or TV hosts, and even print journalists that Dawkins encounters on his tour, will not have read his books carefully; instead, they will be going on impressions and what they’ve heard.

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Medvedev Repudiates Stalin-defenders *

Oct 30th, 2009 | Filed by

Said there are attempts to justify the repression of the past, warned against the falsification of history. … Read the rest

Illegal Drugs Harmful Because Illegal *

Oct 30th, 2009 | Filed by

‘We remain determined to crack down on all illegal substances and minimise their harm to health.’… Read the rest

Ben Goldacre: Aids Denialism at the Spectator *

Oct 30th, 2009 | Filed by

A lot of strange stuff can fly in under the claim that you are ‘simply starting a debate.’… Read the rest

Home Secretary Sacks Drugs Adviser *

Oct 30th, 2009 | Filed by

David Nutt accused ministers of devaluing and distorting evidence, politicizing drugs classification.… Read the rest

Journalists See Dawkins as Mr Big Atheist *

Oct 30th, 2009 | Filed by

Says journalist Chris Mooney, who has been calling Dawkins Mr Big Atheist for months.… Read the rest

Steve Fuller’s Putrid Farewell to Norm Levitt *

Oct 29th, 2009 | Filed by

Now that he’s dead, it’s safe to call him a fascist – twice.… Read the rest

Josh Rosenau on Steve Fuller on Norm Levitt *

Oct 29th, 2009 | Filed by

‘Fuller has, apparently, decided to wait until Levitt could not answer for himself before replying to Levitt’s criticisms.’… Read the rest

Richard Dawkins on Norm Levitt *

Oct 29th, 2009 | Filed by

‘The books that he wrote and inspired are the best memorial to Norman Levitt. Read them, and encourage others to do so.’… Read the rest

Norm Levitt 1943-2009 *

Oct 29th, 2009 | Filed by

Co-author of ‘Higher Superstition,’ author of ‘Prometheus Bedeviled,’ defender of science and reason.… Read the rest

Nick Cohen: a Policy at Once Sinister and Naïve *

Oct 29th, 2009 | Filed by

The entire FCO hierarchy was supporting a policy of encouraging the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies.… Read the rest

US Opposes Ban on Religious ‘Defamation’ *

Oct 29th, 2009 | Filed by

As the OIC is pressing the UN HRC to adopt a resolution condemning the ‘defamation’ of religion.… Read the rest

Scientists v Politicians *

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Government refused to accept expert views of a council set up to judge relative harms of different drugs.… Read the rest