DR Congo rape victims speak to UN panel *

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The aim of the hearings is to improve the treatment, support and compensation currently given to victims.… Read the rest

Court rules Babri Masjid site should be divided *

Sep 30th, 2010 | Filed by

Muslims would get one third, Hindus another third, and the remainder going to a minority Hindu sect.… Read the rest

Fake ACORN Pimp O’Keefe Tries to Frame CNN Reporter *

Sep 30th, 2010 | Filed by

CNN frequently played O’Keefe’s doctored videos smearing ACORN, without ever making a correction.… Read the rest

Larry Moran issues a challenge *

Sep 30th, 2010 | Filed by

Show us the very best 21st century, sophisticated (or not), arguments for the existence of God.… Read the rest

The atheist rabbi on “sophisticated theology” *

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It isn’t.… Read the rest

The Pew religious knowledge survey *

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Data from the survey indicate that educational attainment is the single best predictor of religious knowledge. No really?!… Read the rest

Badri Raina on Ayodhya and what it implies

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Allahabad High Court will rule Sept 30 who is in rightful possession of the site where the demolished mosque stood—a Muslim organization or a Hindu one.… Read the rest

Salman Rushdie on religion and myth *

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“I don’t look to religion to answer the two great questions of life.”… Read the rest

Thousands of Nigerian women in slave camps *

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Nigerian girls are being forced to work as prostitutes in Mali “slave camps”, say officials in Nigeria.… Read the rest

Open letter from Ashtiani’s son Sajjad Ghaderzadeh *

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I tell you these words from the bottom of our hearts: I want the whole world to rush to our help.… Read the rest

Taking the temperature

Sep 29th, 2010 12:19 pm | By

Ajita Kamal defends the role of passion in social movements, in the context of explaining why heat is not necessarily or entirely counterproductive for atheism.

There is a very important role that anger, ridicule and passion play in any social movement. While intellectual understanding is key to a movement that is well-grounded, it is the primary emotions that provide the impetus for social organization. Without this, atheism would simply remain an idea to be discussed in academia and in private settings.

I think that’s spot-on. It’s also true that there are obvious dangers – self-righteousness, verbal or literal violence, confirmation bias, groupthink, tribalism, all sorts. But…we need the movement, and we need the passion. We should relentlessly self-monitor for … Read the rest

John Shook is all “can’t you read?” *

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Everybody else is all “yes, we can, thanks, and we read what you wrote.”… Read the rest

Lars Vilks to finish Uppsala lecture *

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He was interrupted by an attack in May, will complete the lecture on October 7.… Read the rest

Ajita Kamal argues for gender equality in freethought *

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Any organization that challenges superstition and religion in India must make an effort to break established patterns of gender inequality.… Read the rest

Ajita Kamal on the uses of outspoken atheism *

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Ideas die in a culture when it becomes embarrassing to hold on to them.… Read the rest

Why US universities recruit athletes, not scholars *

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Too many Jews were getting in, so universities started looking for “manliness.”… Read the rest

Religious belief linked to being a bit dim *

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As a study found that atheists know more about religion than religious people, experts said that in all fairness that should not really count as news.… Read the rest

Minnesota archbishop “defends marriage” *

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Church is sending “educational” DVDs to Catholics to reaffirm “the unchangeable nature of marriage.”… Read the rest

Cartoon rejected just for mentioning Mo *

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A satire on the fear of publishing anything Mo-related prompts fear of publishing anything Mo-related, and doesn’t get published.… Read the rest

Aliens are sabotaging missiles, US pilots claim *

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Srsly. It’s totally true. They’ve been doing it since 1948. They landed 7 years ago.… Read the rest