Turkish Girl Buried Alive and Probably Awake *

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Most such killings happen in ‘conservative Muslim communities’ but it’s custom not religion, BBC insists.… Read the rest

Jerry Coyne on Building Bridges to Anti-vaxxers *

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Can there be a compromise between science and ignorance?… Read the rest

How to Convince ‘Vaccine Skeptics’ *

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They will never heed evidence, so ‘we need to encourage moderation,’ says Chris Mooney.… Read the rest

Hugo Rifkind Slept Through Philosophy Class *

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His philosophy degree taught him in week one: ‘If God isn’t the ultimate answer, what is?’… Read the rest

But Of Course Religious People Are Better *

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Not superior; just better. Any fule kno that!… Read the rest

NSS Files Complaint Against Cherie Booth *

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NSS complained to the Office for Judicial Complaints, suggesting Booth acted in a discriminatory way.… Read the rest

Wole Soyinka is Not Impressed by Islamism *

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‘We should assemble all those who are pure and cannot abide other faiths, put them all in rockets, and fire them into space.’… Read the rest

Anthony Gottlieb on Gods and Gardens *

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If the divine gardener is invisible, how do we know the divine gardener is tending the garden?… Read the rest

Iran Will Execute 9 More Dissidents *

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A senior member of Iran’s judiciary said nine government critics would be hanged soon.… Read the rest

Obama Attends Creepy ‘Prayer Breakfast’ *

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Sponsored by ultra-creepy evangelical network called The Fellowship aka ‘The Family.’… Read the rest

Susan Jacoby on ‘Nasty v Nice’ Atheists *

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This dichotomy is wholly an invention of believers who think atheism is a religion in need of a schism. … Read the rest

P Charles Pitches a Fit at the Enlightenment *

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‘We cannot go on like this, just imagining that the principles of the Enlightenment still apply now.’ … Read the rest

Andrew Brown on Religious v Secular Jurisprudence *

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Or on his idea of it, anyway.… Read the rest

To the manner born

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Good old Charles, always stirring the pot, and doing it in such a grand aristocratic irresponsible way.

“I was accused once of being the enemy of the Enlightenment,” he told a conference at St James’s Palace. “I felt proud of that.”

Ah did you, you darling wee man. Well it’s easy for you, isn’t it, because if all the lights go out you can just get a lot of servants to hold the candles for you.

The Prince, who was talking at the annual conference of The Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment , went on: “I thought, ‘Hang on a moment’. The Enlightenment started over 200 years ago.”

He’s been studying Madeleine Bunting!

It might be time

Read the rest

Talk to Yggdrasil

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The Lancet has retracted Andrew Wakefield’s article that suggested that vaccines could cause autism. Therefore…

Jim Moody, a director of SafeMinds, a parents’ group that advances the notion the vaccines cause autism, said the retraction would strengthen Dr. Wakefield’s credibility with many parents.

I see. Years of investigation that turned up conflicts of interest and ‘the overwhelming body of research by the world’s leading scientists that concludes there is no link between M.M.R. vaccine and autism’ will strengthen Wakefield’s credibility with many parents. What kind of thing would weaken it then?

…an investigation by a British journalist found financial and scientific conflicts that Dr. Wakefield did not reveal in his paper. For instance, part of the costs of Dr. Wakefield’s

Read the rest

Lisa Bauer’s ‘Subjection and Escape’ Parts 1-3 *

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All in one place.… Read the rest

NY Times on Lancet Retraction *

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Anti-vaccine guy said the retraction would strengthen Dr. Wakefield’s credibility with many parents.… Read the rest

Science-Based Medicine on Faith Healing *

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Harriet Hall on the many problems with claims of ‘faith healing.’… Read the rest

General Medical Council to Andrew Wakefield *

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‘The panel is satisfied that your conduct was irresponsible and dishonest.’ David Gorski reports.… Read the rest

Full Text of Lancet Retraction [pdf] *

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‘Following the judgment of the UK General Medical Council’s Fitness to Practise Panel on Jan 28, 2010…’… Read the rest