National Association of Muslim Police Protest *

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Stigma, communities, faith, black, ethnic, wrong to blame Islam.… Read the rest

Wall St Journal Gloats Over Freedom of Bribery *

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‘Corporations are entitled to the same right that individuals have to spend money on political speech.’… Read the rest

It won’t work unless the operator is relaxed

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Another entry for the ‘I thought I was beyond being shocked’ category – a very expensive ‘bomb detector’ that has nothing in it but ‘the type of anti-theft tag used to prevent stealing in high street stores.’ Iraq has been paying $40,000 apiece for them – and using them to detect bombs – and they can’t detect bombs because all they have is ‘the cheapest bit of electronics that you can get that look vaguely electronic and are sufficiently flat to fit inside a card.’

Well that’s a nice way to make money!

The Iraqi government has spent $85m on the ADE-651 and there are concerns that they have failed to stop bomb attacks that have killed hundreds of people…The

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Fresh Air on 36 Arguments for the Existence of God *

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Part academic farce, part metaphysical romance, all novel of ideas.… Read the rest

A Visit to the Creation Museum *

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There’s a room that has all the stuff God made on each day; the exhibit looks like holiday photographs.… Read the rest

A Jump Too Many *

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From contempt for philosophy to contempt for the idea that we should strive to have beliefs that make sense.… Read the rest

Christian-Muslim Riots Spread in Nigeria *

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As street clashes broke out in Pankshin and Mangu, one report said 464 people had died in Jos.… Read the rest

Religion’s Role in California’s Prop 8 *

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Experts said religion has been used to justify discrimination against African Americans, women and gays.… Read the rest

Maia Caron Interviews OB *

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On religion and women, compliance and fear, misogyny and habit.… Read the rest

A Bad Earthquake and a Good God? *

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No. [link fixed]… Read the rest

Straightening out the kinks

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Chad Orzel said a strange thing the other day.

OK, fine, as a formal philosophical matter, I agree that it’s basically impossible to reconcile the religious worldview with the scientific worldview. Of course, as a formal philosophical matter, it’s kind of difficult to show that motion is possible. We don’t live in a formal philosophical world, though, and the vast majority of humans are not philosophers (and that’s a good thing, because if we did, it would take forever to get to work in the morning). Humans in the real world happily accept all sorts of logical contradictions that would drive philosophers batty. And that includes accepting both science and religion at the same time.

That’s very blithe – … Read the rest

A moral desert

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An impoverished religious mind at work:

Recently, atheists seem intent on proving they can be good without God. I always get a kick out of evangelizing atheists and how they’re so desperate to prove that they’re as good (and usually better) than us religious types.

No, we’re not desperate, but we do like to counter the slanders of many theists to the effect that we can’t be good without God. If Matt Archbold were making a good faith argument (so to speak), he would acknowledge that many theists claim that atheists are necessarily immoral, and that we naturally disagree with that. But he’s not, so he didn’t.

But let’s give Dawkins the benefit of the doubt because us religious

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Separation of Church and Medicine *

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The religious ideologies that permeate BU’s academic policies may harm scientific progress at BCM.… Read the rest

Bowling for Atheists: Donations Pour In *

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People give for many reasons; the more reasons, the more giving.… Read the rest

Catholic Reveals Defective Moral Sense *

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‘Why is other human life worth anything if there is no God?’… Read the rest

Sean Carroll: The Truth Still Matters *

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“X is true” and “People exist who believe X is true” are not actually the same statement.… Read the rest

Defining sexism downwards

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I did not know – some male students at St Paul’s College at the University of Sydney set up a pro-rape Facebook page.

The group, which was named “Define Statutory”, described its members as “anti-consent” and was listed in the sports and recreation section of the site…It was shut down at the end of [October], but had been live on Facebook since August, according to an investigation by the Sydney Morning Herald…The Sydney Morning Herald said the page was part of a broader culture at the residential colleges that “demeans women in a sexist and often sexually violent way”.

And here I was fuming (or should I say bitching?) about sexist epithets and men who type thousands of Read the rest

OSCE: Turkey’s Internet Law Should Be Reformed *

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‘At present, 3,700 Internet sites are blocked in Turkey, including YouTube, GeoCities, and Google sites.’… Read the rest

Laurie Taylor on the Church’s Way With Children *

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It happened to him and to his best friend. The priests made it the child’s fault.… Read the rest

Russell Blackford on ‘The Evolution of God’ *

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There is no phenomenon crying out for a deeper explanation that involves purpose or design or divinity.… Read the rest