Egypt: No Sex Before Marriage *

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So what you do is, you secretly say you’re married. Problem solved.… Read the rest

Clerics Demand More Time and Deference on TV *

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It’s all gardening and natural history instead of God! It’s an outrage!… Read the rest

The milk of human kindness

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Compassion is at the heart of every great religion.

Laurie Taylor kept a diary when he was at school, filled with the doings of himself and his best friend Richard.

But nowhere in the closely written pages is there a single reference or a solitary allusion to the most significant feature of my life at boarding school with Richard. There is not a word about the fact that at the time we were both being sexually abused by two of the priests who ran the school…We talked to each other about what was going on. We knew that it was not right but both of us were caught in the trap that has been described so well by other

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Science and the Battle for Free Speech *

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Science progresses only through open criticism, and UK libel law makes this impossible.… Read the rest

Randi Foundation Teams With Dawkins Foundation *

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And a dozen other secular groups to set up a way to donate money to help the people of Haiti.… Read the rest

Roy Greenslade on Liddle and Those Comments *

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Liddle replies – unless that’s a hacker too.… Read the rest

Sunny Hundal on Rod Liddle and Those Comments *

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Are they his or a hacker’s?… Read the rest

Secularists as Dogmatic and Even More Strident *

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Says the archish of Westminster sweetly. Also the Irish mess is v good, reminds us we are sinners.… Read the rest

Clare Sambrook on Children in Detention Centres *

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‘While the Government misrepresents the evidence, children’s suffering goes on.’… Read the rest

Joe Hoffmann Says ‘Thanks, God’ *

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The only way to show you how we really feel is to rebuild the churches and get people back on their knees, where they belong.… Read the rest

This is cohesion?

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I’m reading Nicholas Wade’s book The Faith Instinct. The core of his claim is that religion is part of human nature and that it has evolved because it helps people survive because it fosters group cohesion. He argues that belief in supernatural agents who are watching and will punish wrong-doing and cheating is a powerful way to enforce group norms and that this is very useful for survival, especially in primitive societies without secular mechanisms for law enforcement.

Not wholly new, and not wholly mad. But – I have to wonder. CNN last night was showing UN trucks in Porte-au-Prince trying to distribute food, and what I kept seeing was a lot of men pushing each other and shoving … Read the rest

Voodoo ‘Faith’ Could Hinder Haiti’s Recovery *

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No worries about the other kind though.… Read the rest

Unbelievers Giving Aid *

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Donate to Doctors Without Borders or other secular organizations.… Read the rest

Hitchens on Blaming Geology, not the Devil *

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If any single thing explains the abject misery of Haiti, it is the prevalence of religious cultism.… Read the rest

Jeremy Havardi on ‘Blasphemy’ *

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If religious beliefs appear absurd and immoral by liberal standards, let us feel free to say so.… Read the rest

Heads God wins, tails you lose

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I heard a nice chat on the BBC World Service the other evening. Roger Heering was naturally very worried that the people of Haiti might have lost their ‘religious faith’ due to the recent unpleasantness, and he and a woman from a faithy charity group talked about it. ‘You might think this would undermine it,’ he said to her anxiously, but she was quick to reassure him. ‘It actually seems to have strengthened it,’ she said in a pleased tone. They hugged themselves in glee, and then Roger Heering turned to the sports.

But that’s interesting, isn’t it – having all the buildings fall down and tens of thousands of people die and tens of thousands more lying around screaming … Read the rest

One Good Thing About Pat Robertson *

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His claim underscores the absurdity of religious belief, instead of obscuring it with touchy-feely doubletalk… Read the rest

‘Guru-like Saint’ Had 17 Women, 60 Children *

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Ratzon banned the women from communicating with men and demanded absolute obedience.… Read the rest

Tel Aviv: ‘Guru’ Arrested for Enslavement and Rape *

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He was ‘romantically involved’ with 17 women, is suspected of raping several of them. How dreamy.… Read the rest

Algerian Feminist Playwright Attacked *

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‘We know who you are, you miscreant whore.’… Read the rest