Taj Hargey Responds to Anjem Choudary *

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A ban is just what the party-of-one Choudary wants. Ignore him.… Read the rest

Oliver Kamm Responds to Nancy Graham Holm *

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He is not impressed.… Read the rest

Margaret Talbot Blogs on Perry v Schwarzenegger, *

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She analyzes the bizarre arguments so you don’t have to.… Read the rest

Leo Igwe

Jan 5th, 2010 4:08 pm | By

Leo Igwe and his father were arrested this morning.

The police team was led by Dr Edward Uwa the university leacturer who raped a ten year old student Miss Daberechi Anongam…About three years ago, Dr Uwa invited Ms Daberechi Anongam to do some house chores for him and forced her to bed, covering her mouth and raped her. She sustained several injuries in her private part. Leo Igwe and his family members led an intensive campaign for justice for Ms Daberechi. After a lot of intrigues,the police now started a prosecution on the matter at Ahiazu magistrate court Imo State. Since then, Leo Igwe and his family have known no peace as several pettitions have been written against them

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Amnesty International Reports Leo Igwe Released *

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Latest news: he and his father have been released on bail. Read the details.… Read the rest

Malaysia: Hotel Raids Target Unmarried Couples *

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Only the ones in cheap hotels though.… Read the rest

Swedish Motoonist Also Gets a Threat *

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From al-Shabab, at that; lucky him.… Read the rest

Norway: Liberal Muslims Support Westergaard *

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A group of liberal Muslims is calling on the Islamic Council of Norway to demonstrate in support of Westergaard.… Read the rest

Fear and Censorship *

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My take on Index on Censorship and the Motoons.… Read the rest

Leo Igwe Has Been Arrested *

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Along with his father; they are at risk of being tortured.… Read the rest

Westergaard probably planted the axe, too

Jan 4th, 2010 2:19 pm | By

A commentator at Comment is Free explains about the axe-attack on Kurt Westergaard the other day.

It was the latest in a string of attempted attacks that can be traced directly to the offence caused by Westergaard’s cartoons for Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in 2005.

Unbelievable, isn’t it? A guy with an axe broke into Westergaard’s house and made an earnest effort to chop him up with it, and Nancy Graham Holm is pointing the finger of blame at Westergaard. For drawing a cartoon.

Why did the editors of Jyllands-Posten want to mock Islam in this way? Some of us believed it was in bad taste and also cruel. Intentional humiliation is an aggressive act. As a journalist now living

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An Expanded List of Female Atheists *

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When other polls and lists seem to forget our existence, every little bit of awareness helps.… Read the rest

UK Universities as Centers of Jihadism *

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Many academics seem incapable of grasping that Islamist ‘radicalism’ is neither liberal nor left.… Read the rest

German Catholic Church Accused of Ignoring Abuse *

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‘Bishops should have seen that he likes boys and recognised his manipulative actions in parishes.’… Read the rest

US Evangelicals Meddle in Uganda *

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Talk about gay threat to family, are shocked when Ugandan government takes them seriously.… Read the rest

Russell Blackford Defends the ‘New’ Atheism *

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Religion is still telling everyone what to do, so it’s legitimate to question the source of religious authority.… Read the rest

You have your orders

Jan 3rd, 2010 4:13 pm | By

Chris Mooney is still at it, telling ‘scientists’ what they must do. They must learn to ‘communicate’ better. They must also learn to reassure trembling theists better. They keep not doing that, and Chris Mooney is getting pretty tired of the way they don’t listen to him.

…at its core, the objection to evolution isn’t about science at all, but about perceived threats to faith and moral values. The only way to defuse the conflict is to assuage these fundamental fears. Yet this drags many scientists out of their comfort zone: They’re not priests or theologians and don’t know how to sound like them. Many refuse to try; others go to the opposite extreme of advocating vociferous and confrontational

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Newsflash: People Believe Anything and Everything *

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Americans are more credulous than ever. How inspiring.… Read the rest

Deepak Chopra ‘Explains’ Nature of Universe *

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Tells astrology conference that modern science has much to learn from the Vedic worldview.… Read the rest

Rick Warren’s Urgent Plea: I Want More Money! *

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And he gets it, $2.4 million of it; cites ‘miracle’ of ‘radical generosity’ on his way to the bank.… Read the rest