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Why atheists are fed up *

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It’s because of all the bashing.… Read the rest

Nick Cohen on the BBC on Amnesty International *

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It could not spare the time to interview Gita Sahgal or ask how an organisation that was once the pride of the liberal world has ended up preferring Islamists to feminists.… Read the rest

Eagleton redux

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Terry Eagleton is getting to be embarrassing. He reviewed a collection of essays on secularism last week, with his familiar combination of malice, inaccuracy and laziness. That’s not a good combination for a reviewer.

Most recent defences of secularism, not least those produced by “Ditchkins”
(Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens), have been irate, polemical affairs, powered by a crude species of off-the-peg, reach-me-down Enlightenment.

There’s the laziness and the malice – recycling his own stupid joke, which was never funny in the first place, not least because Dawkins and Hitchens are really not interchangeable. And there’s the inaccuracy too, in the meaningless sneer at the end.

It is scarcely a caricature of Dawkins’s work to suggest we are all getting

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Peru has tallest Jesus! *

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It’s taller than the one in Poland so ha! The one in Swiebodzin is 36 metres and the one in Lima is 37 so yaboosucks!… Read the rest

Islamists winning in Egypt *

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One Salafist explained how she slowly converted to wearing a niqab. “It just takes time,” she said reassuringly. “You get used to it.”… Read the rest

Terry Eagleton recycles his own dud jokes *

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And generates new stupidities.… Read the rest

Italy: small firm downsizes by firing women only *

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“We are firing the women so they can stay at home and look after the children. In any case, what they bring in is a second income.”… Read the rest