It was just not something you expect

We know humans tend to see faces everywhere, and that Jesus-loving humans see Jesus faces everywhere, but some are so tenuous they bend the mind a little.

Like this one. It takes a lot of good will to see a face at all, and if you do consent to see it as a face…it looks like a very grumpy scowling face of someone advanced in years, which isn’t the usual idea of Jesus. (Also of course there are no actual images of Jesus taken from the life, so nobody knows what actual Jesus actually looked like. Maybe he looked like Yasser Arafat.)

It’s nice of the guy in the blue check shirt to hold up a little image of Jesus for comparison, but since the image isn’t authoritative, it doesn’t really tell us anything. Plus even if it did does the scowly face in the cabinet look anything like it? It seems most unlikely – Jesus is hardly ever portrayed as scowly, even when knocking over tables.

The story is from the Plymouth Herald, which explains with sarcastic solemnity:

A CHURCH organist believes he can see the face of Jesus in a cocktail cabinet.

Robert Burgess-Moon, aged 35, bought the item through the classified adverts section of the newspaper.

Mr Burgess-Moon, who lives in Whitleigh with his partner Martin, says he was watching TV one night when he got a strange feeling.

“I thought ‘There’s a face looking at me through the cabinet’,” he said.

“It looked like the face of Jesus, the image everybody has of him.

“We were quite shocked really, it was just not something you expect, it’s like a Holy Spirit cabinet now.”

The trouble is, it doesn’t look a bit like the image everybody has of him – unless “a bit like”=has whorls that can be seen as eyes and a nose and a mouth. I guess you can decide that everything that can be seen as suggesting eyes and a nose and a mouth is an image of Jesus, but it sounds quite tiring.

Back in January former submariner Andy Metcalf believed he saw the face of Jesus in a bruise on his arm.

Mr Metcalf, aged 45, said there was “some kind of message” in the mark which appeared on his left arm after he had a fight with a friend who bit him.

Earlier this months a photographer was left stunned after seeing a creepy face resembling Lord Voldemort in a firework.

The Plymouth Herald is just having a laugh there. Naughty Plymouth Herald.

H/t The Freethinker.

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