A more discreet and lady-like way of communicating

Is this peak cis? From the Telegraph:

A new startup is reinventing smartphone design, turning phones from rectangles to circles. The circular smartphone, called Cyrcle, is aimed at women, whose smaller pockets often can’t accommodate large phablets.

Ah yes, women and their biological smaller pockets.

The company behind the phone is called Dtoor – which stands for “Designing the opposite of rectangle” although the Cyrcle smartphone is currently their only proposed product. The founders Christina Cyr and Linda Inagawa are ex-Microsoft employees…

So everything right-angled will be designed into circularity to accommodate poor woolly women who can’t handle corners? Books will be round, magazines will be round, doors will be round, paper currency will be round?

The makers seem to be serious about launching this specialist “feminine-forward” phone, despite its completely tone-deaf promotional material. For instance, they claim to be custom-building for women, because current phones make women look “unattractive”, describing it as, “moms at a volleyball practice pecking like chickens into their mobile phones.” The Cyrcle is pegged as a more discreet and lady-like way of communicating.

Since the designers are women, I would pretty much call that cis – taking the stereotypes at face value and treating them as charming bits of personality as opposed to confining belittling limiting stereotypes.

Anyway, I struggle more with circles than I do with rectangles. When I go to pick up something circular I just can’t seem to figure out where the edge is.

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