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The CEMB has more on Media Diversified, from December 2013.

Lejla Kuric is a Bosnian Muslim who lives in Manchester, England.

She believes in secularism, feminism and the principles enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As such, she disagrees with those who seek to restrict Women’s Rights in the name of religion, and is very active in opposing cultural relativists and Islamists.

We disagree with Lejla Kuric on many issues. She is a believing Muslim. We are apostates. Despite this, Lejla has openly supported our right to leave and be critical of Islam, and has done that despite facing criticism and abuse from some Muslims for doing so. We consider her to be a brave and principled person.

Same here. I’m friends with her on Facebook and I think she’s terrific.

Lejla is also a survivor of the anti-Muslim genocide in Bosnia. Which makes it all the more remarkable and perverse that following the publication of an article by a Hizb ut Tahrir representative by the website Writers of Colour, she was described by the twitter account of that site in the following terms:

“I have blocked that woman as she is an Islamophobe who abuses Muslims on the internet”

People in comments point out that Writers of Colour=Media Diversified.

Lejla earned the wrath of this website by pointing out that Hizb ut Tahrir are a group who say that gays and apostates deserve to be killed, who are classified as a fascist Hate Group by the anti-Nazi activists Hope Not Hate, and for saying that they should be confronted about their extremist, racist, misogynistic and murderous hate.

We take for granted that liberal Muslims and Exmuslims who oppose Islamist extremism are betrayed by some cultural relativist liberals. This is pretty par for the course. But describing a Muslim survivor of the anti-Muslim genocide in Bosnia in these terms simply because she points out how Hizb ut Tahrir are a fascist, murderous, extremist group is striking for being a low point in a large field of low points.

It is, isn’t it.

We stand with Lejla Kuric, a brave, principled and brilliant defender of Universal Human Rights and secularism against all forms of extremism, and we lament the ethical failure of some liberal, left wing cultural relativists.

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No low too low.

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