Teresa’s libelling of Calcutta has human costs

A Facebook post recommending a tv interview with Aroup Chatterjee:

Aroup is spot on in this interview about “Saint” Teresa.

When I visited the Hospice for the Destitute and Dying in Kalighat (a district of Calcutta), Sister Nirmala – Teresa’s successor – told me that my marriage to a “Hindu” was a “big problem” and she looked quite upset about it (I think she assumed that I am Christian, which I am not). Nirmala stated that my marriage would never work and she wanted to have a word with me. I walked out. She was obviously a Christian chauvinist bigot, ie a fascist.

Teresa’s libelling of Calcutta has human costs. Calcutta is a wonderful city with the kindest, most intelligent and tolerant people of any of India’s megalopolises. In my mind, it’s a village of 15 million that operates largely without any enforced law and order, only by the people’s will and their belief in justice and aiding those who are less fortunate.

Indeed, it is a safe haven for many escaping poverty, discrimination, war and genocide from neighbouring states and countries: Biharis, Oriyas, Assamese, Nepalese, Chinese, Tibetans, Afghanis, Bangladeshi Hindus, etc. Although predominantly Bengali, it is a melting pot of cultures. There is not a city on Earth that will absorb and accept people in the way that Calcutta does.

Teresa took advantage of the city’s tolerance and naivete to destroy its reputation for the profit of the Vatican. This has put Calcutta forever on the back foot in terms of attracting investment and development. Because she made it a place of lepers lying in gutters, Calcutta is treated like a leper lying in a gutter.

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