Two of the loudest cheerleaders

Of course the first thing that everyone said, including me, when the Bundy verdict came out was that it will send a message to all the other “public lands are for us to exploit!!” crowd that they can get away with it. Of course.

The shocking acquittals of Ammon and Ryan Bundy, along with five other militants, in the armed takeover of an Oregon wildlife preserve is already emboldening anti-government extremists.

Two of the Bundy militants’ loudest cheerleaders, Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore and blogger Gavin Seim, are already signaling that additional actions may be taken against the federal government.

Let’s secede! And have a civil war! That was so much fun last time, and now the carnage would be massive.

Fiore, who lost her re-election campaign in the Republican primary, told a reporter that the not-guilty verdicts were a message that Americans need to stand up to unlawful behavior by government employees.

Like working in wildlife refuges and unlawful shit like that. Yee-ha!

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