Go to the mating center and turn right

I saw this cited as a useful source for explanation of “gender identity” and all that: Transgender Identity Formation. In it I read this claim:


We are just beginning to understand the various aspects of the biological components of who and what we are, and how they interact.

In an invited paper published in the December 2001 issue of Neuroendocrinology Letters, Dr. Gunter Dorner and his colleagues outlined two probable causes of transsexualism that fall into two general categories: 1) genetic enzyme mutations and 2) epigenetic effects which can include stressful prenatal situations and fetal exposure to endocrine disruptors i.e. the breakdown products of DDT (DDE which is estrogenic in nature).

Gender and sexual brain organization is dependent on estrogen and androgen hormone levels occurring during specific and critical developmental periods. “Sex centers” responsible for gonadotropin secretion are organized by estrogens, “mating cen­ters” controlling sexual orientation are organized by androgens and estrogens. “Gender role centers”, responsible for gender role behavior are orga­nized by androgens (Dörner et al., 1987).  The organization periods for sex-specific gonad­otropin secretion, sexual orientation, and gender role behavior are overlapping, but not identical. Therefore almost infinite variations of gender and sexual orientation are possible.

Did you catch it?

“Gender role centers”, responsible for gender role behavior are orga­nized by androgens.

What? People are claiming there are biological “gender role centers” now? Meaning, presumably, in the brain? So there are parts of the brain that deal with gender roles? So gender roles are part of the structure of the brain? Not “gender” itself, not “gender identity,” but gender roles? Golly, who knew? It’s actually a physical part of the brain that girls like dolls and boys like mud and women like to wear stilettos.

So feminism was all just a big mistake, then, like a political movement advocating the right of humans to fly like birds.

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