It’s her hair

We’ve been hearing a lot about how Hillary Clinton should just sit down, just shut up, just go away. That thought has an oddly familiar ring to it, somehow…

There’s still a brutal fight, 10 months after Election Day 2016, for control of the narrative of what happened. On one side, you have Hillary and her supporters pointing to the media’s overt hostility, Russian interference, 25 years of Republican smears, James Comey’s ill-timed letter to Congress, and, last but not least, Bernie’s scorched earth war on the Democratic Party. There is a mountain of irrefutable evidence that these things happened and, combined, they cost Hillary just the tiny amount of votes needed to put Trump in office.

On the other side, you have Bernie’s followers (and a good deal of the press) that look at that mountain of evidence and, like climate change deniers, howl that it’s all a lie.

Even though you had on the one hand an intelligent, informed, experienced, educated, responsible adult with a mix of liberal views and corporate loyalties, and on the other hand a stupid, ignorant, sadistic child who had no views but only self-serving urges. There’s something badly wrong with a population that even comes close to choosing the second.

Biut still journalists are lining up to tell her to shut up.


Cluelessness, thy name is Hillary Clinton – New York Post

Democrats are not looking forward to Hillary Clinton’s upcoming book tour– AOL news

Bernie Sanders Tells Clinton to ‘Move Forward’ on ‘Colbert’ – RollingStone

That last one is particularly rich as Bernie says, with a straight face, “[Clinton] ran against the most unpopular candidate in the history of this country, and she lost,” Senator Sanders said. “But our job is not to go backwards.”

This is coming from the man who lost to Hillary by 3-4 million votes in the primary. What does that say about his ability to win elections? (Hint: Everything. None of it good) Curiously, when Bernie put out his post-primary book that he spent time writing instead of campaigning to keep Trump out of office, there was very little discussion about whether or not the losing primary candidate should fade away into the background. In fact, the cable news shows still regularly have him on to lambaste the Democratic Party. Truly, he is the picture of good will and unification.

Well that’s different. Because he’s…good, and she’s…annoying.


But the double standard is, well, standard when it comes to Hillary. Bernie has been bashing Hillary and the Democratic Party for the past two years and that is acceptable. Hillary takes a mild, and verifiably true, swipe at Bernie and, somehow, she’s the most divisive figure in modern political history.

After the election, a study showed that the press went insane with reporting on the nothingburger of Hillary’s emails. They put very little effort into the Trump-Russia scandal, his numerous crimes, conflicts of interest and boorish behavior but every tiny detail of those emails was covered exhaustively. In light of the how huge the Russia story is, how corrupt and dangerous Trump is, and how little the email story amounted to, it is inarguable that we witnessed the worst journalistic malpractice in American history.

If you were Chris Cillizza and wrote 50 different articles attacking Hillary over smoke and mirrors, you’d favor the narrative that Hillary lost the election all on her own, too.

But she didn’t lose all on her own. She didn’t even really lose. So why, exactly, should she sit down and shut up? Her vision was supported by the majority of Democratic voters. The primaries, despite the phony horse race generated by the press and Bernie’s supporters, wasn’t even close.

The answer, of course, is “I hate her so she should shut up” which is to say there is no real answer at all.

Well, there is, but it’s not very respectable.

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