Look out, sex will end!

The Federalist explains that women are destroying trust between women and men. Yes that’s right, women are.

The breakdown of trust between the sexes is the tragic legacy of the modern feminist movement, but it has taken on a new fervor with the #MeToo campaign and the growing accusation that masculinity is vile, toxic, and inherently predatorial. Fear of men is legitimized, as accusation is treated as fact. Men are seen as “the enemy,” an embodied deviance that must be remolded into the image of a woman. Their sexuality is assumed to be naturally brutal, a threat to be controlled and reduced for the individual man to be considered “safe.”

Noticing anything wonky about her reasoning? (Yes, D. C. McAllister is a woman; probably an acolyte of Sommers.) Notice the neglect of a particular aspect of this subject? The fact that men did a lot to destroy trust between women and men, and that it’s pretty peculiar to blame women for objecting rather than men for doing?

Whether it’s in the workplace, church, or home, the interaction between a man and a woman is unique and primary to all other relationships.

Oh really. More so than that between parents and children, children and parents? Among siblings? Among friends? Universally?

That’s a silly and unsupported generalization, more suitable for a soppy Hallmark card than an argumentative essay.

Essential to the relationship between men and women is the sexual dynamic. For trust to flourish, this reality can’t denied, and it must be handled with respect, care, and honesty. It can’t be shut down.

She’s just making it up, and not thinking very hard while doing it. The “sexual dynamic” (whatever that is) is not essential to all relationships between women and men; that’s kind of the whole point. Ok that’s the point she’s objecting to, but she’s full of shit. Does she want the male editors at The Federalist to throw her article aside and tell her to get her tits out? It’s ridiculous and also wildly stultifying and smothering to claim that women and men can’t interact without sex at the center. That would mean the theocrats are right and women and men can’t work together. To hell with that.

If women believe that all men with their masculine sexuality intact are dangerous, there can be no trust between the sexes. Men are not going to become eunuchs, change and become like women, abandoning their natural masculinity just because women are afraid of it. It’s impossible, because this is their identity—it’s their nature and it can’t be expunged without destroying who they are as free individuals, as men.

It’s their identity? Being unable to work with or talk to women without bringing their dicks into it is part of their identity? That’s more insulting than any feminist claim I know of. Men like sex and think about it a lot; yes, we know; that doesn’t mean they can’t leave their willies alone for a few hours and get some work done, or even some interesting conversation.

I won’t bother with any more of this piece, it’s too crude and stupid. I had an idea that The Federalist was above this kind of dreck.

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