The SPLC demands a correction

Hey, it turns out the Southern Poverty Law Center doesn’t like it when someone lies about them.

The SPLC is currently facing a coordinated attack by far-right extremist groups we’ve named as hate groups because they vilify the LGBT community, immigrants and Muslims. Their latest megaphone is none other than FOX News.

On the show The Five, the FOX pundits made the outrageous claims that we spend only $61,000 on legal work, that we, indeed, do “hardly any law,” and that we’re “laundering money.” Anyone remotely familiar with our work, including our tax returns and audited financial statements on our website, would know that these claims are false. You can read the full letter to FOX News demanding a correction below.

Interesting, because anyone remotely familiar with the work of Maajid Nawaz and Ayaan Hirsi Ali would not put them on a list of “Anti-Muslim Extremists” – yet the SPLC did exactly that.

The SPLC tweeted its indignation, and got quite a lot of replies that pointed out the relevance of what the SPLC did to Maajid and Ayaan.

There are many more like that.

Last week the public radio show On the Media did a segment on the SPLC, and Bob Garfield mentioned the lie about Maajid and Ayaan, but unfortunately he left it at that – mentioning it. He interviewed Richard Cohen but talked only about the endowment and fundraising issue on the one hand, and the Family Research Council on the other.

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