The Trumpler youth cheered and chanted

More on Trump’s confusion of the Boy Scouts with the Hitler Youth:

“Who the hell wants to speak about politics when I’m in front of the Boy Scouts?” President Trump asked the 40,000 people gathered in Glen Jean, West Virginia, on Monday for the Boy Scout Jamboree.

The answer is President Trump. The event, which occurs every four years, was attended by about 24,000 boys, ages 12 to 18, but Trump treated it like a raucous campaign rally. During a rambling, 35-minute speech, he playfully threatened a member of his cabinet about getting the votes to repeal Obamacare, recounted his election win in great detail, and attacked President Obama.

post on the Jamboree’s blog had warned troops to be “courteous” and refrain from chanting phrases like “lock her up” as they are “considered divisive by many members of our audience, and may cause unnecessary friction between individuals and units.” That did not prevent the audience from applauding Trump’s partisan attacks and even booing when he mentioned Hillary Clinton.

“Divisive” is a weasel-word. Those chants are worse than just “divisive.” In any case the warning failed; the Boy Scouts cheered and booed on cue.

It seems the president had prepared a speech about letting “your scouting oath guide your path,” but his trademark asides and non sequiturs dominated the address. Here are Trump’s weird comments to his largely underage audience.

1. Trump starts off by marveling at the size of the crowd and attacking the press.
“Boy, you have a lot of people here. The press will say it’s about 200 people. [Laughter.] It looks like about 45,000 people. You set a record today. [Applause.] You set a record. That’s a great honor, believe me. Tonight we put aside all of the policy fights in Washington, D.C. — you’ve been hearing about that with the fake news and all of that. [Applause.] We’re going to put that aside. And instead we’re going to talk about success, about how all of you amazing young Scouts can achieve your dreams … I said, who the hell wants to speak about politics when I’m in front of the Boy Scouts, right?”

2. Trump calls our nation’s capital a “cesspool.” 
“You know, I go to Washington and I see all these politicians, and I see the swamp. And it’s not a good place. In fact, today, I said we ought to change it from the word swamp to the word cesspool, or perhaps, to the word sewer. But it’s not good. Not good.” [Applause.]

3. Trump boasts that ten members of his cabinet were Boy Scouts, then threatens to fire one of them.
“Secretary Tom Price is also here. Today Dr. Price still lives the Scout Oath, helping to keep millions of Americans strong and healthy as our Secretary of Health and Human Services. And he’s doing a great job. And hopefully, he’s going to get the votes tomorrow to start our path toward killing this horrible thing known as Obamacare that’s really hurting us, folks.”

[Applause. Crowd chants “USA! USA! USA!”]

Yep; it did. That’s the part that’s making me hate this country today: that that rich narcissistic pig stood up in front of 40 thousand Boy Scouts and called expanded health insurance “this harrible thing” – and they applauded and chanted. I hate this nightmare.

4. Trump says we need more “loyalty,” doesn’t explain what he’s referring to. 
“As the Scout Law says: ‘A Scout is trustworthy, loyal’ — we could use some more loyalty, I will tell you that.”

5. Trump marvels at the size of the crowd and attacks the “fake media” for refusing to show it (though CNN aired the speech).
“I’m waving to people back there so small I can’t even see them. Man, this is a lot of people. Turn those cameras back there, please. That is so incredible. By the way, what do you think the chances are that this incredible, massive crowd, record-setting is going to be shown on television tonight? One percent or zero? [Applause.] The fake media will say: President Trump — and you know what this is — President Trump spoke before a small crowd of Boy Scouts today. That’s some — that is some crowd. [Applause.] Fake media. Fake news. Thank you.”

6. Trump attacks his predecessor for failing to address the Boy Scouts (Obama sent a video message in 2010).
[Audience chants, “We love Trump! We love Trump! We love Trump!”]

“By the way, just a question, did President Obama ever come to a jamboree?”

[Audience shouts, “No!”]

“And we’ll be back. We’ll be back. The answer is no, but we’ll be back.”

There’s a lot more, including a long wandering story about rich men in New York and the wild parties on their yachts and what they get up to out there and not saying it to the Boy Scouts wink wink nudge grab them by the pussy wink nudge.

Nightmare, I tell you.

From Gnu Atheism with apologies to Tom Lehrer

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and text

Be prepared!
If you are a Scout today.
Be prepared!
For what Trump might come and say.
Seems they couldn’t get a speaker from the Klan
So they got someone about to hit the fan.

Be prepared!
He does not need any notes
For a long
Diatribe about his votes.
Let him count the countless thousands who the press won’t say were there.
They’re the very few survivors of that dread Obamacare.
If you do not vote against it then be scared.
Be prepared!

Be prepared!
God and Christmas have come back.
Be prepared!
Even if belief you lack.
If you claim he’s not for freedom, that’s just spin,
“But if you do what we say” then ” you will win”.

Be prepared!
Be alert and be awake,
For the news
Has to praise him or it’s fake.
Even Fox, apart from Hannity, has had it up to here.
If you haven’t lost your sanity you know the end is near;
In his lying tweets he soon will be ensnared.
Be prepared!

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