There’s no excuse for not being rich

Robert Reich boils down a Washington Post piece on why the Republican “health care bill” isn’t.

The 2 biggest lies at the heart of Trumpcare are:

1. It covers people with preexisting health conditions. It doesn’t. Trumpcare sets aside $138 billion over the next decade to cover such people. But the estimated cost of really doing so ranges from $150 billion to $330 billion. Worse yet, states could use the money to offset the health insurance costs of healthy people who buy insurance as individuals — which is what the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office expects they’ll do.

2. It’s a healthcare bill. It’s not. It’s a trillion dollar tax cut for the richest 2 percent that’s paid for with a trillion dollars of health-care cuts for the poor and middle class.

In reality, Trumpcare is a massive transfer from Americans who are poorer and sicker to those who are richer and healthier. Not being rich is the ultimate preexisting condition.

Meanwhile Trump sits there like a toad saying over and over “It will be great, premiums will go down, the care will be great.” When premiums go down because the insurance doesn’t cover anything, that’s not “great.”

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