Too much has been read into that

Goodness, what a shameless liar Jeff Sessions is. He’s been trotting around the tv stations this morning to defend his boss, saying yes he did too so condemn white supremacy and racism and stuff.

“His initial statement on this roundly and unequivocally condemned hatred and violence and bigotry,” Sessions said of Trump on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “White supremacy was certainly included in bigotry and hatred.”

And so was anything else anyone cared to think of. That’s the problem.¬†White supremacy didn’t need to be included, it needed to be singled out.

Pressed on Trump’s omission of any reference to such groups as neo-Nazis or the Ku Klux Klan, the attorney general said: “Too much has been read into that….He totally opposes those kinds of values.”

The hell he does, you lying rat. He loves those values, he embodies those values. Remember the birtherism; remember the Central Park 5; remember “bad hombres.”

“He made a very strong statement that directly contradicted the ideology of hatred, violence, bigotry, racism and white supremacy,” Sessions said. “Those things must be condemned. They’re totally unacceptable … He’s been firm on this from the beginning. He is appalled by this.”

No, he didn’t. That’s another lie. He didn’t say a word about racism and white supremacy.

Sessions of course is a racist himself.

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