A scolding too many

The White House story yesterday was that Hope Hicks had been planning to quit for weeks n weeks, and her all-day session in front of the Intelligence Committee had nothing to do with it despite the temporal proximity. Nobody believed that, but now there’s reporting to the contrary.

[A] report from CNN’s Erin Burnett suggested Trump had made it clear he was not happy with Hicks following the revelation that she sometimes needed to tell “white lies” in her role, according to a close ally of the president who spoke with Burnett.

Trump asked Hicks “how she could be so stupid,” after the testimony, Burnett said, adding, “Apparently, that was the final straw for Hope Hicks.”

That’s so Don. He thinks he can treat people any way he feels like, and they’ll put up with it because he’s just that amazing. Also note that he apparently expected lie to a Congressional committee for him and that he sees it as “stupid” to refrain from lying.

Cable news talkers last night were pointing out that apart from the Princess and Prince, all of Trump’s close buddies have now left and he’s feeling very lonely. Good; he should leave.

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