A specific reason

Meanwhile everyone is cross with Theresa May.

Time and again at a press conference at Downing Street this morning the prime minister spelled out the strikes that took place overnight were limited, targeted and a response to the suspected use of chemical weapons in Douma.

With no clear indication of public support or consent, she time and again was at pains to say that she had authorised action for a specific reason – to punish President Assad for gassing his own people, as the government believes he has.

She will face an almighty row in the coming days over going ahead without consulting Parliament.

Her defence is that “security and operational reasons” meant the attack had to go ahead overnight.

But her critics are pushing back.

To try to close down a giant fight, the government is publishing a summary of the legal advice later today.

But while the strikes themselves were limited, Theresa May’s mission is a broader one – to force a return to respect for the international rules that are meant to prevent the use of chemical weapons.

No stinks, just bangs.

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