But his skillz

Now for some comic relief.

President Trump pushed his lawyers in recent days to try once again to reach an agreement with the special counsel’s office about his sitting for an interview, flouting their advice that he should not answer investigators’ questions, three people briefed on the matter said on Wednesday.

Mr. Trump has told advisers he is eager to meet with investigators to clear himself of wrongdoing, the people said. In effect, he believes he can convince the investigators for the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, of his belief that their own inquiry is a “witch hunt.”

That would be gratifying – if his own belief in his own awesome powers caused him to incriminate himself to Mueller’s team.

He fails to understand that what his awesome powers consist of is a knack for appealing to racist misogynist bullies and highly self-serving rich people, and that such a knack is useless for his situation with respect to the Mueller investigation.

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