Early voting

Everyday Screaming:

Houston mother’s drive to vote at the polls Thursday was interrupted by a man’s racist road rage rant about President Donald Trump deporting her “illegal cousins.”

Janet Sabriu recorded video showing the enraged stranger’s bigoted remarks directed at her while her 2-year-old daughter watched from the backseat. Sabriu, who has been a U.S. citizen and Houston resident for nine years, was on her way to early voting Thursday afternoon along Wirt Road when she crossed paths with the man identified on social media as Charles Geier. The man’s rant repeatedly refers to Sabriu as a “bitch” as he demands that she leave “his country.”

“You’re driving in two lanes, you stupid bitch.” Geier can be heard screaming out of his driver’s side window. “That’s not how we drive in America. Trump’s deporting your illegal cousins today. Bitch.”

It’s funny how Newsweek doesn’t think to call the road rage rant sexist or misogynist, even though the target is a woman, and the screamer calls her “biiitch” over and over again, and her small daughter is in the back seat.

Anyway. It’s ugly. Ugly America.

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