It happened one night

God, he’s still doing it. The stubborn dishonesty of it and the absolute determination to remove the young woman who was assaulted from the picture is mind-boggling. Is this what Republicans are? Guys who struggle hard to draw a veil over attempted rape so that they can take women’s reproductive rights away at last?

It was more than a moment – they shoved her into the room, they locked the door, they turned the music up. It wasn’t “at a party”; it was upstairs from the party, where she had gone because she needed to pee.

It’s not “ending his career.” Potentially it will end his bid to be on the Supreme Court. That’s all.

But drugs are (mostly) a harm to the self. Assault is harm to the person assaulted. The issue isn’t a generalizes soup labeled “bad stuff”; the issue is sexual assault of a girl in a locked room.

It didn’t HAPPEN. Assault is not a thing that happens; it’s a thing that an agent does.

It’s not “anything that happened” – that is shifty, evasive, victim-erasing, agent-concealing language.

Some men can’t see that they’re erasing women even when you point it out to them directly. It’s astonishing.

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