“Paid for by Soros”

The president of the United States.

Anti-Semitic trope and personal targeting, from the president of the United States. Just another Friday.

Jack Holmes at Esquire:

Good Lord. He’s gone Full InfoWars. This appears to be first time the President of the United States has mentioned George Soros in a tweet, Soros being the legendary boogeyman for the right wing who supposedly funds any and every liberal protest, advertisement, campaign, and potluck. (Just this week, a writer with the National Review—considered a Very Serious right-wing publication—tried to link Kavanaugh accuser Deborah Ramirez to Soros. It turned out he was completely wrong and he had to apologize.) Soros does have some remarkable reach—he’s known for “breaking” the British pound and making $1 billion in a month off the deal—but this is just nonsense.

(Meanwhile, the Twitterati have already pointed out the bone-crushing hypocrisy here: that way back in 2015, Donald Trump’s campaign launch event—the one where he announced Mexico was sending criminals and “rapists” to our country, at least a year before most Beltway Pundits acknowledged he was a demagogue running on racial resentment—was full of actors he’d paid to be there. The anatomy of a scam.)

Meanwhile today’s vote is a yes on Kavanaugh.

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