Poor Brenda

Trump thinks he’s popular in the UK.

Even as the president’s aides choreographed a visit designed to have Mr. Trump spend as little time as possible in London and to keep him out of sight of any protests, he seemed unfazed.

“I think it’s fine,” Mr. Trump said at a news conference in Brussels before setting off for a two-day working visit to England followed by a weekend in Scotland.

“They like me a lot in the U.K.,” he added. “They agree with me on immigration. I’m going to a pretty hot spot right now, a lot of resignations.”

Says the guy who’s had more resignations from his administration than any president ever, by a wide margin. Everybody likes him a lot, it’s just that they can’t wait to get away from him.

Mr. Trump has expressed a fondness for British pomp and circumstance, and an admiration for Queen Elizabeth II. He is scheduled to have tea with the queen at Buckingham Palace on Friday.

I hope the Corgis bite him.

At Windsor Castle, west of London, where Mr. Trump and his wife are to meet Queen Elizabeth II, protests are expected. The president and the first lady will then travel to the Trump Turnberry golf resort in Scotland, where they will spend the weekend. But it will hardly be peaceful.

“Donald Trump is not welcome here,” the Scottish Labour and Scottish Green parties said in a statement. “The horrific scenes at the Mexican border are a repudiation of decent human values. Caging children like animals is barbaric. We cannot roll out the red carpet for a U.S. president that treats human beings this way.”

The “Trump Baby” balloon may follow the president to Scotland. Thousands of people have also signed a petition asking permission to fly the balloon over the Turnberry golf course, where the president is expected to play on Saturday.

Please say yes. Please please please.

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