Proud Boys and Patriot Prayers

Yesterday in Portland (the Oregon one not the Maine one):

For the first time in more than a year of street brawling, Portland police today deemed a march by Proud Boys and other right-wing protesters too violent to continue.

Marchers with the right-wing protest group Patriot Prayer beat antifascist protesters with wooden and PVC pipe flag poles that federal police had allowed the group to keep.

Portland police policy is to confiscate all possible weapons, and they did not allow the antifascist protesters to have flag poles. At least one protester was severely injured in the brawl and lay motionless on the ground after police broke up the altercation.

Seems like a conscious deliberate attempt to recapitulate the rise of Nazism. Street brawls were the early Nazis’ bread and butter.

After two weeks where Portland’s leftist protesters drew national attention for blockading federal immigration offices, right-wing groups led by Congressional candidate Joey Gibson returned to Portland in greater numbers than have been seen since last summer, seemingly bent on wresting back the spotlight with street violence.

Patriot Prayer attracted far more attendees than usual, including many men wearing black-and-yellow Proud Boy shirts and others dressed in costumes with helmets. They had a permit to march in downtown Portland. Many arrived from out of town via a chartered former school bus.

Many fine people on both sides. On both sides.

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