Another surprise story out of the White House: Trump is in a bad mood. Really?!! Well that caught us all flat-footed.

Barry McCaffrey says he’s “starting to wobble in his emotional stability,” which comes as a huge shock because we never knew he had any emotional stability to wobble in.

[T]he developments have delivered one negative headline after another, leading Trump to lose his cool — especially in the evenings and early mornings, when he often is most isolated, according to advisers.

But surely Melania and Barron are there to cuddle and cheer him. No? They’re in their own quarters with the doors triple-locked?

For instance, aides said, Trump seethed with anger last Wednesday night over cable news coverage of a photo, obtained by Axios, showing Sessions at dinner with Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein, who oversees the Russia investigation, and another top Justice Department prosecutor. The outing was described in news reports as amounting to an act of solidarity after Trump had attacked Sessions in a tweet that morning.

The next morning, Trump was still raging about the photo, venting to friends and allies about a dinner he viewed as an intentional show of disloyalty.

Well they didn’t invite him to come with them.

But to be serious for a second – isn’t that typical. It’s fine for Trump to call Sessions names on Twitter, but it’s an outrage for Sessions to have dinner with his deputy. Trump can be as mean, rude, abusive, slanderous, insulting, contemptuous, hostile, belligerent as he likes, while everyone else in the world is required to be servilely polite in return. One rule for Trump, and a completely opposite rule for the 7.6 billion not-Trumps on the planet.

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