Short sharp exchange

An exchange on a public Facebook post.



Guy: I hate to say this but she doesn’t look like someone who’d be an expert of love…

Me: No, you were right the first time, don’t say it.

Guy: Ophelia Benson Well, she certainly doesn’t.

Me: But that’s not relevant, and it’s just crude sexist bullying.

Guy: Ophelia Benson No, it’s bullying a religious idiot and that is perfectly OK.


Me: No it is not.

Guy: Ophelia Benson I love your sense of humour.

Me: And yet you started with “I hate to say this but” so you know perfectly well what I’m talking about. Insulting people’s looks is a worthless way to dispute the content of what they say.

Guy: Ophelia Benson Relax Ophelia, take a deep breath.

Me: Don’t patronize me.

Evolve more, people.

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