The clinic cancelled abortions scheduled for Wednesday

There will be more of this, until they are all shut down and women will have to go to Canada or self-abort (which is often fatal). Missouri now has one (1) abortion clinic.

Missouri is down to one clinic providing abortions Wednesday, after the only other clinic in the state that performs the procedure failed to adhere to new state requirements.

Federal appeals court judges ruled last month that Missouri can enforce a requirement that doctors must have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals before they can perform abortions. The judges issued a mandate Monday for that rule to officially take effect.

The Columbia Planned Parenthood clinic was unable to secure physician privileges to comply with the requirement, so it cancelled abortions scheduled for Wednesday, which would have been the first since the mandate was issued, Planned Parenthood Great Plains spokeswoman Emily Miller said.

Columbia is where the University of Missouri is.

Women seeking abortions can go to Planned Parenthood’s St. Louis clinic — which is now the only facility in Missouri where abortions can be performed — or travel to neighboring states, she said.

St. Louis is all the way on the eastern edge of the state, and Missouri is an average-large state – it’s not massive like Montana or Texas but it’s not Delaware, either. Women in Missouri (and other states too) are in the situation Irish women were in before the referendum – having to make a long expensive trip to get an abortion. Worse, in fact, because Missouri is more than twice as large as Ireland: 69,715 square miles versus 32,595 square miles (but you have to add the Irish Sea). Early abortions are simple procedures which should be available in all general medical facilities, but they’re not, because so many people cannot abide seeing women in charge of their own bodies.

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