There was no privacy in that house

Daaaaamn. More on the David and Aimee Challenor matter:

More thoughts on the #DavidChallenor case. I’ve now read about the Lifetime Ban on any pets being kept in the house, because of the hoarding, chaos, and overcrowding, that resulted in severe neglect and animal cruelty. David had a criminal conviction for this.
I’ve also read the Family Court judgement giving detail on how the children were kept in these exact conditions. Yet, three children were repeatedly failed by our community, and had to stay in the same conditions that disqualified the adults from keeping pets.
The Adult Challenors’ characters become clearer. They don’t come across sympathetically. Any reasonable adult person, upon reading what I’ve read, would have questions about their motivations in seeking political power. Any Party would advise candidates to create distance
Three children, failed by their local authority Safeguarding, as repeated attempts to engage were refused. Family Court was ultimately unable to find a way to keep those children safe, at home, as they were taken into care.
But the children had been on and off Child Protection and Child in Need Plans from the time the eldest was a mere 2 weeks old. Absolutely every chance had been given.
Given that the house was so overcrowded that Council had been offering housing to alleviate the issue for *years*, it may surprise you to learn that 1 (of 2) downstairs room(s) was entirely full of stored items. In a 2-up, 2-down. There was no privacy in that house.
In an overcrowded house, a hoarders’ house, every single thing that happens, is known. No way could David be taking children up into ‘Dad’s Space’ in the attic, without the other family members being aware.

It’s the stuff of nightmares.

And so, Aimee, as an adult, chose to return to live under the roof of an unfit-for-habitation hoarders den. And run the operations of a National political campaign from there.
The Green Party has questions to answer over the due diligence they do over candidates, and how local characters like this can become so unassailable, so fast. Who benefits? All 3 Adult Challenors should have raised red flags, with the animal cruelty and children removed.

A lawyer friend of mine with experience of criminal law has said the the police should be digging up the garden of that house – that the red flags are everywhere.

Without @TheGreenParty, Aimee would never had achieved such a position of influence with Charities, speaking to police forces, even schools, PUSHING AN AGENDA TO REDUCE CHILD SAFEGUARDING DEVELOPED UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF A CHILD RAPIST.

That one left me breathless. I’d known little to nothing about either Challenor until the last couple of days, so I didn’t know Aimee had been pushing such an agenda. God damn.

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