Women show up

CNN reports:

Thousands of demonstrators gathered in cities across the United States on Sunday for a second day of Women’s Marches, calling for equality and respect while urging supporters to make their voices heard by voting in this year’s midterm elections.

Sunday’s marches were held one year from the day hundreds of thousands of women, donning pink hats, took to the streets of Washington in a stunning display of resistance to President Donald Trump, whose administration many feared could threaten women’s rights.

Not “feared” so much as “knew.” We knew it would, and it has and is. It’s attacking abortion rights, Medicaid, the ACA, and individual women by name.

The Post on the international marches:

Thousands took to the streets of European capitals, among them Berlin, Paris and London, on Sunday as part of the global “Women’s March” movement.

One day after large crowds attended protests across the United States and all over the world, including in Rome, Sydney and Buenos Aires, it was northern Europe’s turn. While those who marched rallied against a number of issues — such as the gender pay gap or perceived injustices in the Middle East — they all appeared to share a common dislike for President Trump. The number of rally participants worldwide was lower than the millions who took to the streets a year ago, but the “resistance” against Trump still drew hundreds of thousands.

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