and I will

Also today: a Fox reporter tweeted Trump’s letter to Erdoğan, and the White House confirmed it’s the real thing. It’s…shockingly stupid. I’ve always assumed they have grownups translating the trumpese into semi-appropriate language, but this one has been only minimally adulted up. Short stupid exclamatory sentences that don’t lead into following sentences – that’s a genuine illiterate right there.

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Let’s work out a good deal!

Let’s put on a show! Let’s go to the mall! Let’s take your dad’s car!

I don’t want to be responsible for destroying the Turkish economy – and I will.

I guess “and I will” is trumpese for “but I will if I have to” or “but I can.” As it is it’s not even English.

Don’t let the world down. You can make a great deal. I don’t know how to think or write.

It’s always worse than you thought possible. Always.

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