Any other minority

From the Venomous Thugs on Twitter files:


Updating to add a few later tweets:


His venomous unprovoked attack was on Helen Lewis. He probably didn’t expect that the result would be fellow journalists and editors saying how brilliant she is and how zero she deserves this venomous unprovoked misogynist attack. Dude has now apologized and set about deleting his shitty tweets, all too late.

End of update.

The Independent should fire him, but leaving that aside – what I’m interested in is the (all too typical) loose analogy that, if you think about it for .5 second, is complete bullshit. “Imagine a “left wing” magazine publishing this sort of thing [meaning: the sort of thing he doesn’t like] about any other minority – you can’t.” Oreally? Any other minority? What about rapists? Political campaigners who tell brazen lies by the truckload? Executives of tobacco companies? Daily Mail reporters? Scabs? Owners of oil tankers that spill oil all over wetlands? Dirty cops? Corrupt heads of state? Torturers? KKKers? The staff of Breitbart? The Proud Boys?

You get the idea. He doesn’t mean minority, he means oppressed minority, or marginalized, or [insert preferred adjective here], but he’s too aroused by his bullying spree to notice he’s talking sloppy meaningless jargon.

Also of course there’s the whole “guy wanting to see intelligent women he disagrees with punished” phenomenon, which is like the leitmotif of our era.

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