At times bizarre

The Guardian live is startled by Trump’s performance on Fox “News” this morning.

Donald Trump has had quite a morning of it already. The president called into Fox & Friends for an extraordinary, at times bizarre, 55-minute interview during which Trump:

Reiterated the conspiracy theory that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election

Said his own EU ambassador’s sworn testimony was “total nonsense”

Called Nancy Pelosi “crazy as a bedbug”

Suggested he wanted to be impeached, saying: “I want a trial”

Complained that former Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovitch took too long to hang his picture in the Ukraine embassy

Said people praised Yovanovitch – a highly regarded official – because “she’s a woman, you have to be nice”

Described Rudy Giuliani as “one of the great crime fighters of all time”

The Fox & Friends hosts were largely bystanders during what effectively became a Trump monologue.

Trump sounded slightly hoarse as he ran through some of his greatest hits: his 2016 election victory, how much he has invested in the military and the highly dubious claim that “no one” has done as much during their first term.

He sounded very hoarse. He usually does. The reason is obvious: he never shuts up. He’s That Guy Who Never Shuts Up. What does that tell us? How profoundly narcissistic he is. Normal people understand that others have things to say too; narcissists think They Alone are interesting.

What he said about Yovanovitch:

This ambassador, who everybody says was so wonderful, she wouldn’t hang my picture in the embassy, ok? She’s in charge of the embassy, she wouldn’t hang it, it took like a year and a half or two years for her to get the picture up. She said bad things about me, she wouldn’t defend me, and I have the right to change an ambassador – and Rudy didn’t say good things but he wasn’t crazy about her, it wasn’t like you know a major topic – but I have the right to change. This was an Obama person – didn’t want to hang my picture in the embassy,  it’s standard is you put the president of the United States’ picture in an embassy, this was not an angel, this woman, OK? And there were a lot of things she did that I didn’t like, and we will talk about that at some time.

Bad things, I have the right, good things, the right, Obama person, my picture the picture my picture the president of the United States’ picture, a lot of things.

In that one passage you get the hatred of women, the narcissism, the tiny shrunken vocabulary and thought process, the bullying, the emptiness and spite and rage. It’s a disgusting collection.

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