Basking in adulation

Trump has been talking at the right-wing shindig CPAC for nearly two hours now.

That ^ was 15 minutes ago and new tweets are still coming in.

The Guardian is watching.

Basking in adulation at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the president said: “You know I’m totally off script right now and this is how I got elected, by being off script. And if we don’t go off script, our country’s in big trouble, folks, because we have to get it back.”

“Off script” aka corrupt, malevolent, destructive, reckless. Let’s go back on script now.

The president described the justice department’s Russia investigation as “a phoney witch-hunt” and claimed that since no collusion has yet come to light, Democrats in the House now want to look into his personal finances. He dismissed such oversight efforts with an unpresidential word: “Bullshit.”

Yes, why would anyone possibly want to look into Trump’s personal finances? It’s such a puzzle.

Trump went on to rail against James Comey, whom he fired as FBI director, and Jeff Sessions, his former attorney general, even mocking the latter’s southern accent.

Ooh, ooh, can we mock his Queens accent? Can we mock his Queens-Trump accent? Can we mock his robot gestures, Pinch & Point?

He then went on to make remarks that some interpreted as an inflammatory attack on foreign-born members of Congress.

“Right now we have people in Congress that hate our country and you know that,” he said. “And we can name every one of ’em if they want. They hate our country. Sad. It’s very sad. When I see some of the things being made, the statements being made, it’s very, very sad.

“And find out, how did they do in their country? Just ask ’em, how did they do? Did they do well, were they succeeding? Just ask that question. Somebody would say, ‘Oh, that’s terrible that he brings that up.’ But that’s OK, I don’t mind, I’ll bring it up. How did they do in their country? Not so good, not so good.”

Oh, some interpreted that as an inflammatory attack on foreign-born members of Congress? Some? What else would you call it? He makes it clear he’s talking about foreign-born members of Congress, and his words are hostile, so what else would you call it?

We have met the swamp and it is trumps.

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