Facebook hates women

Kate Smurthwaite writes:

Ok I’m seriously at my wit’s end. I’ve sold out shows in York the last couple of years with a fair bit of ease so although I wasn’t planning a larger-scale tour this year I figured when the opportunity came up I’d accept a date there.

My new show is called “bitch” and, as ever, it’s about lots of things but one of the key reasons it’s called that is because I get called “bitch” so much online, including on Facebook, Twitter, Insta and YouTube. I’ve tried reporting these messages and over and over the social media sites, including Facebook, have told me that the word “bitch” doesn’t breach their community standards so they can’t do anything about it.

Of course, as ever, when I share the ticket link to my show Facebook shows it to only a tiny handful of people – we know they deliberately hide ticket sales links because they want to force you to buy advertising. I’ve tried just sharing it in groups and so on but finally this week I decided to give up and just spend some money making sure people who want to come to the show know that it’s on.

I wake up this morning and my advert still isn’t running – the show is Friday so I’m pretty annoyed about this. I chase them up for an answer and…


…apparently the word “bitch” breaches their fucking community standards. Now it does. When it’s my show title, when I’m trying to give them money, when I’m trying to discuss the abuse I get and reclaim the vile insults that get thrown at me.

So I’ve got less than half my tickets sold for Friday and I can’t even pay to let people know the show is coming to York.

If you know anyone in York please ask them to get a ticket for my show and come along and please like and share this post if you can cos I have a strong feeling I’m not going to do much touring for a bit after this.

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