Getting worse

Chris Cillizza at CNN is also amazed at Trump’s prolific crazy on Twitter yesterday.

He summarizes:

1. The Federal Communications Commission or Federal Election Commission should investigate whether “Saturday Night Live” and late-night talk shows are in collusion with Democrats and/or Russia because they attack him so consistently.

3. Urged Fox News Channel to reinstate host Jeanine Pirro after she was suspended for questioning the patriotism of Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, who is Muslim.

4. Urged FNC to stand up for host Tucker Carlson, who has seen some advertisers pull out of his show following the release of a series of caustic and offensive remarks he made on a radio show between 2006 and 2011.

6. Attacked FNC anchor Shep Smith and two other weekend anchors at Fox, alleging they had “been trained by CNN prior to their ratings collapse.”

7. Alleged that Democrats tried to “steal a presidential election,” calling it “the biggest scandal in the history of our country.”

8. Retweeted Jack Posobiec, who among other things, is a leading promoter of the Pizzagate and Seth Rich conspiracy theories.

All of this — and lots, lots more — in the space of a single day.

He’s always tweeted crazy shit, but (Cillizza says) not this much this crazy in one day.

[W]hat we witnessed on Sunday is somewhere between concerning and absolutely terrifying. The most powerful man in the county — and maybe the world — spent his day touting unproven conspiracy theories about stolen elections, suggesting collusion between Democrats and comedians, attacking a military hero and Republican senator, and trying to program his favorite cable network’s broadcasts. And he did all of this while failing to send even a single tweet about the tragic mass shooting in New Zealand.

George Conway, the husband of White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway,tweeted an image to the diagnosis for “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” and said bluntly of Trump: “His condition is getting worse.” Brian Klass, a political scientist at UCLwas slightly more expansive: “We have a seriously dangerous normalcy bias, where we move on because we desperately want to pretend it’s okay. Trump’s Twitter meltdown today—which shows a deranged and unhinged person—will just be forgotten by Monday afternoon. But the deranged man will still control the nukes.”

I don’t move on and I don’t forget and I don’t want to pretend it’s okay. I want it to be okay, but that has nothing to do with pretending it’s okay.

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