Guest post: Your Bigliness is manifest

Originally a comment by Your Name’s not Bruce? on A terrible example for Donnie Junior.

A Fox in a Box, and a Chair that Declares (under Hair).


I do not like Big Macs and Fries,

I do not like them served with Lies.

I will not eat them in your House,

Not with Epstein, or with Krauss.

Please put your fountain pen away,

I will not sign your NDA.

I will not eat them on the Mall,

I will not eat them by your Wall.

I will not load your Smocking Gun,

Or covfefe on Air Force One.

I will not catch your paper towels,

Or Retweet all your Twitter howls.

I will not march in your Parades,

I doubt that you had stellar grades.

You claim the Largest and the Best,

Your Bigliness is manifest.

You find good people on both sides;

(You’re also cool with pesticides).

You’ve never paid the debts you owed

You are Two Scoops shy a load.

All this gold sure hurts my eyes,

I do not like Big Macs and Fries.

(With my aplogies to Theodor Seuss Geisel)

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