Her “Anger Management problem”?

Trump’s Twitter is an explosion this morning, not surprisingly – he must have 20 people or so assigned to posting Republican talking points, or screaming points rather.

But his personal sneer at Greta Thunberg stands out.

Yes how dare she be named Time’s person of the year instead of Trump.

The Guardian live comments:

As we await the impeachment hearing that starts at 9am ET today, the president has had a manic morning on Twitter so far.

Most of it does not need national and international news coverage. But the blog must pause to note that the President of the United States has just taken a spiteful pop at teen climate crisis activist Greta Thunberg.

That really is breathtaking in its meanness. One can only conclude that, apart from Trump being outraged about someone telling him to listen to the science on global heating, it’s about the attention. Any year that Trump is not Time magazine person of the year, he is shocked and affronted, it seems. So the fact that a kid, the youngest Time person of the year ever, made the cover this year and it’s a darn girl from Sweden telling him what to do, well that’s beyond the pale.

She’s a teenager. She’s a girl. She’s Swedish. She’s not stupid. She’s not ignorant. She’s not a Trump fan. So many reasons for him to hate her and try to attack her. I say “try” on purpose, because in reality all he does is make himself look even more of a sadistic clown than he already did.

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