It takes only one tweet to get a woman shut down

Last thing yesterday I did a post about some amateur Savonarola on Twitter telling a college to cancel a talk by a woman artist because he, pretend Savonarola, considered her trAnspHobic, on the very serious basis that she had retweeted a couple of tweets he disapproved of. It seemed like childish bullshit, AND YET – it worked.

Rachel A R A tweeted 7 hours ago (so about 7:30 a.m. UK time)

Sorry folks .. but my talk at Oxford has been cancelled tonight. Some twitter user @terfsoutofart (I assume some disenfranchised man) has galvanised students to complain about me. I guess making art about feminist issues is a bit too challenging for today’s youth! #waronwomen

One asshole, one stupid tweet that can point only to a couple of retweets of unapproved women, and BAM, talk is canceled.

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