Just kidding!

Oh no, an academic – at Goldsmiths no less! – pretended to be non-binary. Pretended! Would you believe it?!

A university academic has sparked outrage after claiming to be transgender and asking students to call her ‘Mx Tippy Rampage’ before admitting it was a satirical character for a book.

Dawn Mellor, who was ‘the preferred tutor for transgender and non-binary students’ at Goldsmiths University in south-east London, inhabited the ‘toxic and unpleasant’ character online for several years.

Mellor, who demanded the use of gender neutral pronouns, has now been blasted by the LGBTQ+ community for ‘treating transgender lives as a… performance piece.’

A performance piece – how could nonbinary identity possibly be seen as a performance piece?!

An LGBT+ officer at fellow London university Queen Mary blasted Mellor on Twitter.

Florence, of QMUL Labour Society, said: ‘A lecturer at Goldsmiths has been pretending to be non binary for four years for a f****** book she’s been writing… Dawn Mellor you should be ashamed.’

The university officer added: ‘Dawn Mellor has been going by “Tippy Rampage”, who has presented as non-binary with they/them pronouns for YEARS, and had become the preferred tutor choice for trans/nb students, and it’s all turned out to be writing material.’

Another said: ‘This is such a disgusting breach of trust and I’m offended and so hurt on behalf of the trans/nb community who must’ve trusted her.’

How could they not have trusted her? How could anyone? It’s absolutely forbidden to doubt anyone’s Idenniny, remember?

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