People don’t realize

One of Trump’s top annoying habits is attributing his own ignorance to everyone else.

When Donald Trump says, “A lot of people don’t know that” – or its rhetorical cousin, “People don’t realize” – he’s generally referring to things many people already know, but which he only recently learned.

They also tend to be things anyone in his job ought to have learned fifty years ago at least. His lifelong ignorance of just about everything is not a good qualification for that job.

There are, however, occasional exceptions. For example, Trump used the phrasing a couple of years ago to reflect philosophically. “People don’t realize, you know, the Civil War, if you think about it, why?” the president said in 2017.

Yeah, if you think about it, but who has ever thought about it, really, you know, because, I mean, why?

He also often says it about things that nobody knows because they aren’t true.

This morning, Trump added to his greatest hits collection with remarks to British Prime Minister Theresa May before a business roundtable discussion in London.

“We are your largest partner. You’re our largest partner. A lot of people don’t know that. I was surprised. I made that statement yesterday, and a lot of people said, ‘Gee, I didn’t know that.’ But that’s the way it is.

“And there’s an opportunity – I think a great opportunity – to greatly enlarge that, especially now, in light of what’s happening, to tremendously enlarge it and make it a much bigger trading relationship. So we’re going to be working on that today and even a little bit tomorrow and probably into the next couple of weeks. But I think we’ll have a very, very substantial trade deal.”

Of course, “a lot of people don’t know that” that about the trade partnership because it’s not true.

For us it’s China; for the UK it’s Germany. Oops.

But hey, that’s ok, because Sadiq Khan is “a stone cold loser” and Meghan Markle is “nasty.”

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