Permission is one thing, a right is another

Wait, what are we saying here?

Does he? Does Trump have “an absolute right” (Conway’s term) to launch a nuclear attack? No matter what? According to whom?

No he doesn’t. He doesn’t have a “right” to launch an unprovoked nuclear attack on, say, Kenya, just because he feels like it or is grumpy or wants to distract people long enough for him to escape.

It may be that US rules are written in such a way that he is technically permitted to launch a nuclear attack [end of story, no further specific required], but that doesn’t translate to a “right.” The US president isn’t king of the planet, and no he does not have a “right” to drop nukes any time he feels like it. It’s not just that it’s not a wise idea, it’s that the Allies hanged people at Nuremberg for less. It would be a gross crime against humanity and he does not have anything that can be called a “right” to do it.

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