Sprinting to the top of the list

The Outsports Female Athlete of the Year is

you know this one already

not a female.

The LGBTQ sports world was blessed in 2019 with an abundance of choices for Female Athlete of the Year. Readers nominated several women, among them:

– USWNT icon Megan Rapinoe, who made an indelible mark during the Women’s World Cup.

But who cares about her, she’s just a boring commonplace woman. They’re a dime a dozen, yawn. Outsports can do better than that.

But in terms of making an indelible mark on sports history, CeCé Telfer of Franklin Pierce University sprinted to the top of the list with her groundbreaking victory at the May 2019 NCAA Division II National Championships. Telfer beat her closest competitor by a second and a half, winning the 400m hurdles at Javelina Stadium on the campus of Texas A&M University in Kingsville, Texas.


As far as we know, she is the first track and field NCAA champion who is an out transgender woman.

Meaning, she’s a person with a male body who won by competing against women. That’s not something to celebrate or give an award because of which.

That achievement brought her fame as well as made her a target of detractors and opponents of transgender inclusion in sports, including Donald Trump, Jr.

Those critics focus on her victory and ignore the fact that she competed within NCAA rules and placed fifth in the 100m that same day.

Apparently it’s simply beyond the realm of possibility, even of imagining, that the NCAA rules could have this wrong.

“I try to lead by example,” Telfer told Outsports. “The one quote that has been with me my whole life is; ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ And I want to be that change, a step forward in making the world a more inclusive and safe place. It’s all starts with me.”

But what Telfer did doesn’t make the world more inclusive, let alone more safe. It makes women also-rans in their own sports, and in sports like rugby it puts them in danger too. Neither inclusive nor safe.

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