Step back from the well

Justin Weinberg of Daily Nous was on it promptly:

Richard Marshall, who has conducted astonishingly rich interviews with hundreds of philosophers for 3:AM Magazine, has resigned from the publication over its editor’s decision to remove one of his interviews from public view.

He quotes Leiter then shares some tweets by the deeply unpleasant Christa Peterson (which poisons the well a good deal, in my view). Then:

There were also a handful of calls for the interview to be deleted, ranging from the thread that begins with

and ends expressing the hope that 3:AM “reconsiders this move”, to briefer responses such as

I was naturally curious about this Nora made of barges so I looked and behold, Nora has 87 followers. Nora is trans. Nora is angry.

Such dignity.

So, why cite Nora of the 87 followers who is not very philosophical?

I leave it to your wisdom to determine.

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