Swinson isn’t the brightest spark

Julie Bindel is not impressed by Jo Swinson.

On the Today programme this morning, Jo Swinson, in her bumbling, inarticulate and irritating fashion suggested that biological sex does not exist. Yes, that’s right. A woman who has said, on many an occasion, that her female sex has given an unfair advantage to the male party leaders during the election campaign due to sexism, has effectively undermined her own argument. Because, for sexism to exist, so too must biological sex.

Indeed, and for male party leaders to have an unfair advantage over female candidates, there have to be male and female – real male and female, not subjective feelings of having a male or female essence or soul or idenniny.

The Today presenter, Justin Webb, then pointed out to Swinson that male-bodied people (also known as “men”) could do “enormous damage” to women. This is why, he pointed out, women need safe spaces to escape male violence. Swinson responded by arguing that refuges constantly carry out risk assessments, such as when a female victim of domestic violence is put in the same refuge as her violent lesbian partner.

Now, Swinson isn’t the brightest spark, but how dare she suggest that lesbians are as violent as trans-identified men?

By swallowing The New Dogma whole without so much as checking the ingredients first, that’s how.

But this is typical of Swinson, who is playing to the woke class and virtue-signalling like crazy – as she does during every interview on women’s sex-based rights, where she also uses the deeply offensive term “cis women”, as if women are a sub-category of our own sex…

It appears she is happy to sell 51 per cent of the population to the wolves in order to please men. Because that is what is happening with the extreme trans activism today. It is gaining traction because this belief system is a way to attempt to destroy women’s rights, and plenty of men are happy to see that happen.

Plenty of men but also, tragically and mystifyingly, plenty of women.

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