Tell Mike to start packing

Yesterday Trump was raging at Puerto Rico because Hurricane Dorian was headed towards it. Why did he think that was Puerto Rico’s fault? You’d have to ask him. But now the hurricane’s path has shifted, and Don has changed his tune.

Hurricane Dorian is poised to hit Trump’s private Mar-a-Lago club, so the president has canceled his trip to Poland. Bloomberg reported, “President Donald Trump has canceled a trip to Poland this weekend because Hurricane Dorian is poised to strike Florida, according to two people familiar with the matter.”

Trump is sending Pence instead.

Trump was all set to take off for Poland when he thought that the hurricane was going to hit Puerto Rico, but he suddenly changed his plans when the storm modeling showed his private Mar-a-Lago club potentially taking a direct hit from what is projected to become a Category 4 storm.

Puerto Rico? Bunch of whiners who brought it on themselves. Mar-a-Lago? CLEAR MY CALENDAR.

Great to know he’s laser-focused on our needs.

David Leavitt:

Trump: Climate change is a hoax.

Earth 🌍: Here’s a Category 4 hurricane with 130+ mph winds aimed right at Mar-a-Lago, with my compliments.

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It’s almost as if he cares about no one and nothing but himself.

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